Christopher Reyes has been Memphis's best booster since the 1980s. A storyteller, musician, filmmaker, MCA graduate, community leader, and most recently a dad, Reyes has an incredible body of work for Memphis to be proud of. 

From his artist's statement:

"Since an early age I’ve always been fascinated with technology. In the 80’s I began making electronic music, and I taught myself basic code and pixel plotting on a commodore 64. In the 90’s I began developing interactive applications by combining design, video production, and my own music. In the 00’s I began to focus my attention more on community, and I developed Live From Memphis (LFM), a collaborative community of musicians, artist, and filmmakers. As part of the LFM community, I built websites, produced films and television shows, and created one-of-a-kind festivals and events, all in celebration of this community that I was a part of. During this time it became clear to me that art had a profound impact on people and their communities - that it enriched their way of life. I realized that by helping creatives directly, I was enabling my community to grow and flourish."


Sarah Fleming is a Memphis native and a go-to producer/director in the film industry. Sarah's work ranges from short indie productions, to multimillion dollar blockbusters - no project too big or too small, so long as it aligns with her values of community, justice, and fairness. 

Sarah's current projects are: being the mother of two beautiful daughters, and the Juvenile Project (in collaboration with Joann Selvidge and the Southern Poverty Law Center) - an examination of the system by which children are incarcerated, and the effects of those years in jail. Sarah frequently works with many of Memphis's best and brightest in the film industry.

Cat & Fish

Christopher and Sarah's collaborative Memphis stories and art.

Christopher Reyes

Christopher's online resume/CV.


The experiential artwork of Christopher Reyes

Kajukenbo Reyes

Christopher is a 3rd generation practitioner.


"Sites Easy to Manage" Websites designed, built, and managed by Christopher.

IMDB - Sarah Fleming

Just a small selection of projects Sarah has worked on.

The Juvenile Project

Sarah's current project in collaboration with Joann Selvidge.

Live From Memphis

Memphis's premier arts and culture collaboration.

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