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Stand For Creatives: Rally for the Fair Treatment of Working Artists

Following a miserable weekend in the weather department, Monday April 9th shone sun on Memphis, and light on the plight of the working creative.

While the rally, and continued movement, was very much inspired by Christopher Reyes and Sarah Fleming's victimization by the Madison Hotel/Aparium Hotel Group, that wasn't entirely the point.

On a sunny Monday afternoon, some of the most iconic creative minds in Memphis stood across the street from City Hall, and shared their stories of how Christopher and Sarah impacted their careers. One of the most powerful stories came from a downtown business owner who Christopher took into his home when he was at the lowest point in his life. The tough love, confidence, and kindness that lived in that space transformed a man from a homeless ex-junkie, to a successful business owner.

More than their art, their generosity is what Christopher and Sarah are known for. Even their most visible project - Live From Memphis - was started to give local creatives a place to showcase and promote their work. The fundraising to keep it going was all done out of sight on the artists who needed that resource to move their careers forward.

In fact, the last time I personally saw the volume of creative talent that was on site for the rally, was at a Live From Memphis event hosted at 1 South Main street. Below are just a few photos of the crowd - not 1,000s marching in protest, but around 60 or 70 standing united, standing for fairness, and standing for creatives.

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