In the wake of the court decision to remove Reyes and Fleming from their home, it has become painfully clear that working artists are not valued as they should be by the social and civic organizations that purport to help them. We are working creatives of Memphis who have come together to provide inspiration, leadership, representation, and advocacy on behalf of our community.



Keep this conversation going! Share the articles, the campaigns, the events - bring awareness to the creative community. Tell the Madison Hotel/Aparium owners your opinion (tastefully, please). Tell the arts organizations all over Memphis that silence on the matter is deafening. Write to the press and your local representatives - tell them that this will not stand. 


Stay up to date on events and rallies! Your presence demonstrates your commitment to not only helping Christopher and Sarah, but also to the fair treatment of working creatives in Memphis. We will share them here and on Facebook/Twitter. Host events and fundraisers of your own too! Tell us, and we'll publish them here.

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